Estee Marchesani, Ph.D. Dallas Counseling Psychologist

Estee Marchesani, Ph.D.

I am a Licensed Psychologist in Dallas, Texas with a private practice near the Park Cities. I provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups, who are in the midst of life's challenges and need support finding their way to a meaningful life. 

Are you thriving or merely surviving in your life and relationships?

If you're just surviving, maybe you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, down, unsure of who you are, or grappling with relationship concerns. I believe each person has resilience and unique strengths to manage life's challenges, but our strengths can get overshadowed by struggles. Whether you've had these feelings as a result of a challenging life event, or something that you've been trying to overcome for a long time, we can work together to help you thrive. 

Welcome to my Practice